The official currency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is the Bolívar Fuerte (or just Bolívar). One (1) USD values 6,28 Bolivares (January 2014). Because of the high inflation rate the exchange rate changes quickly, making it difficult to receive reliable information. All prices are announced in Bolívares. The Bolívar Fuerte is a new currency, being used since 2008. Before 2008 another Bolívar was used. If you have visited Venezuela before and still have some old bank notes, these are USELESS, as all old bills have been invalidated. Coins of both types of currency do however exist and are still valid. If you have doubt about the money being offered to you, please consult your travel guide or hotel for verification.

Most restaurants, hotels and stores accept major credit cards.

Since 2003 there are strict controls in Venezuela in regards of currency. It is only allowed to exchange currency in banks and exchange houses, which are authorized by CADIVI, the Venezuelan devisemanagement commission. Because of this a black market for currency has been established in Venezuela. We strongly discourage tourists from exchanging money on the black market, through private persons or unauthorized businesses. Changing money on the black market is a criminal offense, to exchange money at any unauthorized location, business, bank, or person.

Important: For more information on this matter, please contact us directly.