To protect yourself against the expensive costs of accident, hospitalization or ambulance flights, we recommend the purchase of a travel insurance before going on your trip. The insurance should cover trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, as well a possible ambulance transport by helicopter or ambulance aircraft and the transfer back to your country of origin, in case of medical need or emergency.

In addition the insurance should cover cancellation fees and the loss of made deposits, in case you have to cancel your trip due to sickness, unemployment or other personal reasons. It is the obligation of the traveler, to ensure that at least the financial risk is covered in the case anything happens.

Travel Insurance is available in a module system. The client is able to pick the different modules, he or she needs, from a single module up to a full protection, including everything. They are available as a single trip insurance, valid just for one trip or as a contract, valid for all trips within a year. A travel insurance for Venezuela does only have a little impact on your budget and we strongly recommend not to take any risks, or save at the wrong place!