For Venezuela no vaccinations or imunizations are required. If you plan to visit the Orinoco Delta or the Rain Forest, it is however recommended to obtain vaccinations against yellow fever and Hepatitis A. Many travel guides recommend a Malaria protection as well. We do not share this opinion. The effects on the body are not to be underestimated. If you still feel more secure with a proper Malaria protection and wish to get one, we recommend a so called Stand-By Pack. Generally it is important to ensure proper vaccination IN TIME BEFORE GOING ON YOUR TRIP. Only this way it is ensured, that you benefit from its protection while in Venezuela.

For your travel pharmacy we recommend products against diarrhea, disinfection products, pain blockers and Heparin Crème against bruises. In addition you should bring sun protector, crème to cure sunburns, mosquito protectors, bandages, Condoms, etc. Your pharmacy at home surely does happily help you out in this matter.

The most spread health issues are stomach problems and diarrhea as a result of badly cleaned food or dirty water. While in Venezuela you should refrain from drinking water out of crane and instead only consume bottled or cooked water. We do also recommend caution, when buying food on the streets. Always ask if the food has been cleaned properly and ensure that it is prepared hygienically.